Experience the thrill of the Battle Royale!

We are currently setting up, but you can already read about us below!

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What is EVE-BR?

EVE Battle Royale organizes a special kind of PvP Event called a "Battle Royale". For the moment, the only version available is the "Frigate Battle Royale", which enables you and your friends to compete in an organized and fun setting! The project hasn't finished setting up, don't hesitate come back later for more information!

Why use our service?


We have lots of prior experience in the organization of such events.


We take care of everything! Just join the designated system with your fleet in shuttles or travel interceptors, and have fun!


The various ship templates available in the Battle Area have been balanced to be fun to play, both with and against.


The event rules ensure a continuous action, fun to experience and watch, with a duration that remains reasonable.


EVE-BR Frigates

Coming Soon!

EVE-BR Cruisers

Work In Progress

EVE-BR ???

Not quite there yet!


EVE-BR isn't currently open, as we are still in the process of setting up the main infrastructure for the events. But if you have any questions or remarks, or want to show us your support, don't hesitate to contact us!

Contact In-Game: Altrue